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Food Hack - Almond Sour Cream

I consider myself a food hacker. Since the time I was 10 I was curiously experimenting with food and thats because I wanted my creations to fit the budget so to speak. And now the catch phrase, food hack is a considered trend speak. Not to mention it just basically allows your creativity, your artistry along with your senses to run wild. For me its a hit and miss. Ha ha. 

Let me tell you a story. But you can always skip to the bottom part if you think the next part is bringing out the zzz's.  When I was around 12, my papa was always called to Manila for work, he was in the police force then so he left me and my younger brother alone with only our titas and titos to look after us and thats because we lived in a family compound. I was left with PHP1000 for the whole month for food and way back then, it was an ok amount. You can get fish, eggs, vegetables, and meat good for the whole month if you're feeding only 2.Yeah, really.

So then, since I was only 12, I did'nt have enough experience to cook and ang alam ko lang ginisa (sauteed vegetables), pritong itlog (fried eggs), and adobo. I also did'nt know about portioning. Since I was cooking for two, normally maraming tira. And what I do is I try to recycle the "tirang ulam" into something new. This is actually my favorite part and I get excited everytime I was going for a new dish. My brother was a nuisance back then and its also my way of getting back at him. And usually this is where I count my "misses". haha. Hindi nagustuhan ng kapatid ko ung niluluto ko. Omelette me adobo?? Eh that was the tirang ulam from last night. I still chuckle everytime I remember.  

Well that was the younger me, lets move forward to the "advanced" me. So yes, I consider myself a food hack long before food hacks was actually a "trend".

So moving on, almond milk naturally age and sours in about 5 days, so I have to do something with the sour almond milk and scoured good 'ol Mr. G (Google) only to find out that you could actually do sour cream! Yey!

Excited as hell, I got some batch to sour. Waited 5 days, then did the recipe! Added lemon, lemon zest, and basil. Whew! It worked! It really tastes like sour cream!

This will be an addition to our Spread Collection, where we feature nuts butter, healthy mayo, and the cheese.

I still have to come up with keso de bola and cream cheese for our up and coming fast break sandwiches! So watch out for those. Food hacking is awesome!!













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