Meet DavaoShop's Pastillas Cookies

Aug 06 , 2016


Maida Barrientos

Meet DavaoShop's Pastillas Cookies

Every filipino knows pastillas right? Its a smooth creamy and sweet dessert made of milk.

Yesterday, I "missed" the pastillas recipe. I was actually going for pastillas as a fondant base but as I said it was a miss. It did'nt set and the recipe was incorrect, well. It just proves to show that you really can't depend on any recipe on the internet. You really have to try it and make a small batch first. But being a food hack, I thought it was a super easy recipe to try. 

So then I was wondering what to do with the gooey pastillas that was sitting on the counter. Food hack hat on - lets add "fire" to the equation. I added ingredients I know that you can use for "structure"and so that the cookie will hold. And no I don't have a recipe for you. Maybe after I patent it? Lol.

Voila! My Pastillas cookies. Its crunchy yet chewy and milky to the taste. I'm really happy because I turned my "miss" into a "hit".

Pastillas Cookies

You can buy these yummy treats at Abreeza, Martillanos Stall 3rd floor at Cube Bazaar for only PHP60 or click here.



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