Spice up your Celebrations

  • Dec, 20 , 16
  • Maida Barrientos

Its the holiday season and for me one of the best ways to enjoy it is to gather round the Christmas tree, drink wine and eat cake. Yep! Cake!

Cake will always have a special place in any celebration but it should not be just any other cake. It should be THE CAKE!

I always try to outdo myself and try different things. Sometimes it has to do with flavor but on christmas it has to do with smells. Yep, you read it right. Smells!

When I was young, we always would receive fruit cakes at Christmas, and I particularly don't like the taste but the smell, oh the smell, will always remind me that the holidays is just around the corner.

The cake should also smell cinnamony, with a touch of nutmeg, a sprinkle of spice and it should be gluten free, light on the calories but heavy.

So here is my Christmas spice cake with Peppero and Buttercream Roses that I plan to give to a special girl this 21st. Its her birthday thus the roses, duh!

Christmas Spice Cake