On sale before Valentines!

These are our perfect gifts for your love ones this Valentines day. Order your before it's gone!

Red Rose Cuddle
PHP 4,500.00
PHP 2,800.00
The 24 Mantra
PHP 4,500.00
I Adore You Roses and Cake Combo
PHP 3,500.00
PHP 3,000.00
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These are our top gift baskets on Valentines!

Davashop's Ultimate Junkfood Basket
PHP 3,800.00
PHP 3,400.00
Wine, cheese and Gourmet Basket
PHP 6,000.00
PHP 4,500.00
Sweet and Salty Love Basket
PHP 4,500.00
PHP 4,700.00
Coffee Lovers Gift Crate
PHP 4,000.00
Nutty for You Gift Hamper
PHP 3,500.00
PHP 2,700.00
Wine and Gourmet Collection
PHP 4,500.00