YouPrints - Custom and personalized gifts from shoes to sneakers, t-shirts to bags.

Custom and personalized Shoes and Sneakers

WE are YouPrints, we give you personalized options for shoes, bags, shirts, and mugs!

We give personalization a kick in the butt, with YouPrints! Your colors, your hues, on your favorite lifestyle shoes, bags, shirts, mugs, wall art!

Featuring Local upcoming Artists

We just do not design and customize stuff, we feature true local artists like Cacho Ferrero and talented kids, Aiana and Tammie Balibay who inspires our custom art sneaks everyday!

A Truly, Unique Personal Gift

Create A One-Of-A-Kind Gift For The Friend Who Has Everything. Give her a Yuhue gift that nobody can buy off the shelf! Give him a gift that screams "special".

Truly Custom, Truly You

We can paint, embellish, print, you want it, you got it. There's really no limit to creativity. We only have boundaries, if you think it. Lucky for you, we don't!

Free Delivery, Philippines

We deliver nationwide and what's more, we give you  an additional FREE gift that only your recipient can own.

#1 Exclusive Cacho Ferrero Art

He comes from a musically-inclined family where both parents are musicians. He is a singer, pianist and songwriter. He is the resident arranger and head of Music Production of Muzic's Kool.Cacho Ferrero, one of Davao's top musicians, is also an upcoming artist and is set to conquer the custom shoe line with his own custom shoe art! 

#2 Sneak Arttack Custom Painted Shoes

Let your imagination run wild.  These are just a few ideas how we can arttack your sneaks.
Color it. Embellish it. Paint street art on em. We don't care. We welcome the challenge. Yep, let's punk them shoes!

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