2021 Flannel Spring Festival couplet Spring Festival couplet New Year's New Year's New Year's Gate F |

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Color classifi
1.1#1 Fuwang Caiwang
1.1 #20,000 Things R
1.1#3 Peace and Rich
1.1#4 Family Health
1.1#5 What I want to
1.3#1 Fuwang Caiwang
1.3 #20,000 Things R
1.3#3 Peace and Rich
1.3#4 Family Health
1.3#6 Good luck in e
1.6#1 Caiyuan Guangj
1.6#2 Fuwang Caiwang
1.6#4 Family Health
1.6#6 Good luck in e
2.2#1 What I want to
2.2#2 Caiyuan Guangj
2.2#3 Family Health
2.2#4 Lushengsheng D
2.2#5 Peace and Rich
3.0#4 Family Health
PHP 2,708.00


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Brand: Corymes \N Color Classification: 1.1#1 Fuwang Caiwang Lucky + Family Prospering People Xing 1.1 #20,000 Things Ruyi Backgammon + Smooth Year Good Year 1.1#3 Peace and Rich Family Portrait + Auspicious and Wash 1.1#4 Family Health Add Wealth + Ding Cailiang wangyong Ping An 1.1#5 What you want to do is a hundred things + time to home prosperity 1.3#1 Fuwang Fortune Fortune prosperity + family prosperity prosperity prosperity + people prosperity industry Xing 1.3 #20,000 things like step by step + Smooth Sailing year Good year 1.3#3 peace and wealth family portrait + good luck wanshixing 1.3#4 family health to add wealth + Ding Cai two Wang Yong Ping an 1.3#6 everything goes well and auspicious + good luck 1.6#1 financial resources Wide Progress + family business prosperity year 1.6#2 Fuwang fortune luck is booming + family prospers business boom boom boom 1.6#4 Family Health adds wealth + Ding Cai two Wang Yong peace 1.6#6 everything goes well and auspicious + year by year good luck 2.2#1 wish things become a hundred business + times come transport to home Changsheng 2.2#2 Financial Source Guangjin Backgamo + Family Prosperity New Year Good Year 2.2#3 Family Health Add Wealth + Ding Cai Liangwang Yongping Ping An 2.2#4 Prosperity Dai Sanjiang + Business Prosperity and Long Four Seas 2.2#5 Peace and Rich Family Portrait + auspicious Ruyi Wanshixing 3.0#1 Financial Source Guangjin Backgammon + Family Industry Prosperity New Year Good Year 3.0#2 Safe and Rich Family Portrait + Auspicious Wanshixing 3.0#3 Wanted to achieve a hundred Ye Xing + Time to the Home Changsheng 3.0#4 Family Health Add Rich + Ding Cai liangwangyong Ping an
Gross weight: 0.1 \N Shine: Suede
Scene: New Year
Length: Happy Lay Fleece Black-Send 2 Pairs
Couplet Content: 0.01

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